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Our Story

More than Great Food

La Pachanga is a family-owned local business who takes pride in our delicious food. Mother & Son are co-owners, as Bety is our head chef and THE reason why you keep coming back for our food, and Danny runs the business operation to keep everything running smoothly so that our customers have the best dining experience possible. 

Bety's recipes are unique, and her attention to detail sets her apart from the competition. She spends the extra time needed to make sure our food is clean, well-prepared, and made with love. 

Danny is our customer service GURU and head of all operations. He is the reason we were able to locate ourselves along TV Highway, why we are able to create a comfortable experience for our customers, and why you feel like family when you walk up. 

Our employees know they are part of a special team when they work at La Pachanga. Everyone plays an integral role in order to keep this business running smoothly & so the food keeps tasting great. We are proud of how far we've come and we look forward to serving the community for many years to come!

Note to customers: we do NOT offer catering services at this time. We are focused on making our current location as best as possible for service, quality, and experience and it requires our full attention. We will make an announcement if that should change!

Co-owner & Head Chef Bety


Co-owner Danny

Our Crew

Our Team
From left to right: Anthony, Ale, Pita, Reyna, Bety, Max, Alex, and Sergio

This business would not be possible without our amazing team of employees. Everyone who works at La Pachanga is part of a family and they are so, so appreciated for their hard work every day! Look at those beautiful faces!!! We are so thankful for these people!


Serving Cheesy-Deliciousness Since 2021



All three of our salsas are homemade by Bety, using her own recipes. She actually knows how to make over 20 - YES, TWENTY!! - different kinds of salsa. The avocado-based verde, the hot habanero, and the salsa roja (red) con chile de arbol pair perfectly with our entrees. Pick your favorite, or enjoy all three!



Our Barbaqueso taco plate is definitely a crowd-pleaser. The barbacoa meat marinades in its own juices for hours and hours and hours. It is de-greased so the consomé (broth) is clean and pure, ready for you to use as a dip or to slurp down post-taco bite. This plate can do no wrong. Ever. EVER! 



Oregon, Cali, La Pachanga... or a traditional style with choice of meat, rice, beans, onion, & cilantro... Supreme it up for cheese, avocado, & Mexican sour cream as well. Burritos have been around for ages (thank goodness), and we like to think ours are top of the line. 


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